Jardin Botanique Writer's Notebooks set of three

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Each of the three complementary design notebooks in a set of Jardin Botanique Writer's Notebooks from Galison Green is a botanical garden of lovely flowering plants, birds, and butterflies with labels in French:

  • A notebook labeled "Les Messagers du Printemps: La Fleur bien aimée des dames" has lined pages and shows a sunflower, daisy, hydrangea, poppies, heliotrope, and rose and as promised, is sure to be loved by ladies!

  • The "La Plante Belle: L'élégance de ses formes" has blank pages, and its covers show carnations, hyacinth, roses, hydrangea/hortensia, lamb's ears, primrose, and two colorful birds on branches.

  • "Leur admirable diversité: la beauté de leurs fleurs" has continental graph style pages and shows phlox, primroses, yarrow, zinnias, clematis, and a butterfly.

    At a slim 40 pages, they are just the thickness you need when you're on a bench admiring your garden.

    The botanical illustrations are based on nineteenth century French books from the collection of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: B. Delachénaye, Abécedaire de flore, Paris, 1811, and Jean Louis Marie Poiret, Leçons de flore, Paris, 1819-1820.

  • Three notebooks per package: one lined, one graph, one blank
  • Three complementary cover designs
  • 40 pages per notebook
  • Pages measure 6 x 8"
  • Made of 100% recycled paper
  • ISBN 9780735333192

  • Item #: 9780735333192
    Price: $11.99

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