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If you had an account on our old site, you will have to create a new account. We were not able to transfer existing customer accounts from the old site to the new site.

If you are having trouble creating an account on our website, don't hesitate to email Sometimes you just need to clear cookies and website history and then creating your account works perfectly.

If you put in the wrong password too many times, the website security will ask you if you are a robot. 

How to Place Wholesale Orders (Store Orders)

If you are a wholesaler or retailer and have questions about an existing account, or wish to open a new account, you're in the right place. To set up a new account, email To order from us or our distribution clients, please email, call us at 1.800.759.0190, or fax orders to 1.800.286.9471. We also accept electronic orders via PubNet and PubEasy. 

International orders from stores or distributors are welcome, too. Please e-mail for more information.


International Orders

Thank you for your interest in Galison and Mudpuppy. ships in the U.S. and Canada. At this time, cannot accept orders for shipment outside the United States or Canada.

We suggest that international shoppers order Galison and Mudpuppy merchandise through Papernation or through or from their regional Amazon site, for example: Amazon United Kingdom.

Papernation is a well-respected British retailer with expertise in shipping to many other countries. Amazon does such a large volume of business that they can fulfill international orders from individual customers much more economically than we can directly.


Shipping Rates and Times
We ship with UPS Ground within the continental U.S. unless otherwise specified. Please click here for information on shipping rates and timetables.

Submitting Artwork

To submit your artwork for consideration, please e-mail a letter and pdf files to

If you prefer, you may send us duplicate slides or other sample copies of what is most representative of your work, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. You may also submit tear sheets if you have them, but please do not send original work as we are not responsible if materials are lost or damaged. Please send your materials to:

The Editorial Department
70 West 36th Street 11th FL
New York, NY 10018

We will contact you if a suitable project arises. Again, thank you for your interest in working with us.


Other Questions?
Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you by our next business day.


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