1. Tell us about your idea 

  • What items and artwork are you thinking about for the project? 
  • When do you need it delivered?

2. Tell us about the artwork & design 

  • Will Galison be doing the designing, or are you in charge of the creative process? 
  • We will work either way, but if Galison is doing it, we will need to allow extra time for this. Timing will depend how intricate the project is. 
  • If you will be doing the artwork, we will send you a design template for the format you’re interested in.

3. Things to keep in mind

  • Galison’s Minimum Order Quantity per format, per design is 2,000 units. 
  • Our lead time for custom projects is about 4-5 months from the date we have Order Confirmation. This timing includes sampling, production and shipping time.




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