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Forest Friends Pocket Undated Planner

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A Galison Forest Friends pocket planner is handy at the desk, on the go, or even in your laptop bag....

Customer Reviews

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I love this Planner!

Super practical, colorful and quality superior!

Sal C.
Great little planner

A gift for our college freshman. She loves it. Well made and the flexibility of no printed dates is a big plus.

Debbie B.
My go-to "go book!"

I've used these planners for at least six years and plan to continue as long as they're available. Perfectly portable, plenty of room for notes, and blank pages to hold everything for ready access throughout the year. Almost half the book is dedicated to notes and unstructured pages for sketches, lists, and things best kept at one's fingertips. Plan your months, plan your weeks, and customize the planner to your specific needs, even when they change from year to year. The color combinations, cover art, interior fonts and graphics, and overall layout is cheery and delightful without being distracting, trendy, or juvenile. The cover is substantial enough to protect the pages inside, and the smooth, heavy paper quality prevents ink bleed-through. The corners are rounded so nothing catches on them. The elastic strap holds everything together, and the accordion style pocket inside the back cover keeps the inevitable loose bits and pieces of paper corralled. While watching me note an upcoming appointment at a recent office visit, someone commented on how very old-school my planner was. I took that as a great compliment -- no learning curve, no charging, no risk of damaged screens or any kind of technical malfunction. Sometimes old school is the very best education of all. Give yourself the gift of days -- treat yourself to one of these elegant little planners and enjoy the time you'll spend customizing the undated months to your particular year. If you like someone very, very much, you might gift them one of these planners. That's how I received my first one, and it's a gift I seek out for myself year after year.

Thank you for your review, kind words, and for coming back to us year after year! We really appreciate it.

Katelyn B.
Great planner, great price!

Great planner, great price! Very flexible!

Thank you for your review!

Stacey B.
Very flexible planner!

Hi, I love this planner. At first I was worried that it was so small, but it is really great. I hate how so many planners with a weekly page leave only half as much space for Saturday and Sunday. I do a lot those days! This has equal space for each of the 7 days (it goes vertically, instead of across 2 pages). I like that half the planner is monthly and weekly pages, and the other half is for notes and lists and such. This is exactly how I use a planner. I do sometimes wish the weekly pages had space for a week's list of to-do items, but sometimes I create that on the page myself when I would rather have that than much space per day. I do have to write in the months and days myself, but that's not so bad and gives more flexibility. Overall, I find this planner to be way more flexible than most. I used to use the Franklin Planner, and it became just too big and unwieldy for me. This is easy to fit in my purse, and I like the elastic band that can act as a page finder or just keep it all together in my bag. Highly recommend. Oh, and the woodland creatures are cute and can add a smile to the day. Please keep making this planner!

Thank you for your review!

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