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Green City 1000 Piece Round Puzzle

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Green City 1000 Piece Round Puzzle from Galison captures the small actions people can take to ensure we are protecting...

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Cute puzzle, loose fitting pieces

I liked the design of this puzzle and it's been quite a while since I've done a non straightedge one, so I plopped this in my shopping cart.

I think when you are doing a puzzle that's not the traditional shape, it's more important than usual that the pieces fit together tightly. These did not. It wasn't bad enough to make me dislike the puzzle, but enough to leave me feeling a bit meh about it.

Still really like the artwork.

Green City

do almost all the Galison 1000 piece puzzles. The quality was good. It was challenging but the overall artistic design frustrated me. There were some really cool sparkly pieces that made you feel like you were about to put together a green city in a snow globe. However, those pieces weren’t plentiful and the aesthetic fell flat. The aesthetic is my favorite part. Tip from a circle fan, something like this with more sparkle would be a great snow globe puzzle applicable to all a variety of themes/seasons.

Diane S.C.
My Earth Day acknowledgement

I was really drawn to this puzzle when I saw it, so ordered it, (though I have lots of puzzles that I haven't done yet!)
and it arrived in time for Earth Day, which was fitting. I'm not all that skilled at puzzling but I found this one very challenging. I'm not sure why - perhaps so much green and pink? - but I have to say that I was frustrated for days until I finally finished it. I won't be doing this one a second time, but my sister will probably find it a breeze, so it's going in the mail to her. Also - one piece was missing + there was a bonus piece. In general, though, I really enjoy Galison puzzles and have more, and tomorrow is a new day....

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