Plant Life 1000 Piece Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Plant Life 1000 Piece Panoramic Puzzle from Galison features a gorgeous landscape image of plants arranged in a rainbow...

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Heather H.
Beautiful Puzzle

Beautiful puzzle and great quality of the pieces. My only complaint is the size of the whole picture. I wanted to frame this puzzle but it's difficult to find a frame that fits since it's not a common dimension for panorama. I have to consider ordering a custom frame which can be pricey. Hopefully this can be considered for future panoramic puzzles.

Yuchen Z.
Bad quality

I purchased two puzzles including this Plant Life. This one comes very dusty and the puzzle pieces have poor quality, and the other puzzle is nearly dust free and the quality is good as you expected.
The bottom layer of the pieces starting to peel off even when you try to take it apart after opening the box. This is my first time purchasing and it is very disappointing.

Horribly disappointed

I am a big fan of Galison puzzles - buy them all the time. This one appealed to me immediately. First of all, almost half of the brand new puzzle was still connected! I soon discovered why. When taking apart the puzzle, gently, I might add, the little knob ends began to fall apart. The backings came off (some were already separated upon opening the new puzzle) and the pieces were not easy to dislodge from each other. I've never encountered this in many years of puzzle making. I do like a tight fitting puzzle, but not one that destroys the pieces when you take them apart. After completing the border, I was so frustrated that I took down the puzzle and threw it in the trash. I will buy another Galison, but I am curious to know why this occurred. I hope they haven't changed their puzzle making process!!!

Jim G.
Another triumph by Galison!

Fun and beautiful puzzle! Always high quality

Beautiful and fun!

Loved the oblong shape of this beautiful puzzle that was challenging and fun.

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