Rainbow Seashells 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Galison’s Rainbow Seashells 2000 Piece Puzzle features seashells of all shapes and sizes styled in waves of color....

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Kathryn O.
love the rainbow series

Our family has loved the rainbow series from galison. We get two new ones every St Patrick's Day. Hope they keep making more!

ellie w.
Semi-bad quality, but very pretty

I received this puzzle with one piece completely broken in half and several (more than pictured) that looked like they had been chewed on. Disappointing... but I guess you get what you pay for.

Absorbing Challenge

This beautiful puzzle was challenging and enjoyable, more than twice as difficult as Galison's 1,000-piece puzzles. And it was worth the effort, stimulating in its visual and spatial demands. A perfect companion on cold winter nights.

Terrific puzzle!

Sent this as a gift to a friend recuperating from surgery. This 2,000 piece puzzle will keep she and her husband occupied for a while! Loved the sale price and the free shipping since I ordered three puzzles.

Sandra K.

I was so excited to receive this puzzle, plus two others I ordered. Let me start by saying that the picture is beautiful, both the quality and colors. What disappointed me was that all of the pieces, with the exception of the edges, were the same shape, two tabs and two holes. While this is not my preference I can certainly live with that. What I found extremely maddening and is the reason for only giving this puzzle three stars was the fact that many of the pieces looked like an exact fit when in fact they were not. I had two other people help me with finishing the edges because we all thought certain pieces were in the right place but they were not. The edge should be the easiest part of a puzzle. Once that was figured out it was on to building the center which also did not go so well. There were multiple areas where I had to re-do the section because the pieces were not in the right place even though they looked like they were. I was about 2/3 of the way finished when I had to yet again redo a section of the edge. I am an experienced puzzler and have never had so many issues before. I am now hesitant to even start the other two puzzles I purchased.

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