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About Us

Founded in 1979, Galison is now a team of more than 30, based in New York City, as part of Galison Publishing LLC, owned by the McEvoy Group.

In the beginning, we worked with museums to make select art imagery widely available in the form of smartly designed paper products. As the firm grew, so too did our product scope. With the successful publication of assorted calendars and books, we expanded our portfolio to include fine art stationery, boxed notecards, greeting cards, personalized holiday cards, journals and singular gift items
for writers.

Today, Galison offers a dazzling array of puzzles, games, gifts, stationery, home decor products and desk accessories. Our innovation in puzzles and games, in particular, has set us on the path to becoming a key player in that market. At the same time, our intent with all our work remains to continue inspiring our customers — to bring more art into everyday life.

Bring more art into everyday life

Galison is proud to partner with an eclectic mix of known and emerging artists in creating beautifully designed products for everyday use.

Toward that end, we are passionate about discovering new artists, while working hard to utterly delight the vast spectrum of our customers.